“Am a better player than Ronaldo”, Footballer lament how racism ruined his career

Footballer lament how racism ruined his career due to racism in football said his supposed to compete with Ronaldo and Messi.

A legend, multi-talented and skillful football player in Ajegunle, Lagos state in Nigeria shared his bitter story on how the fact that he is a black man ruin his football career.

He lamented to be a better world class player in the likes of Messi of Barcelona and Ronaldo of Juventus but battle with racism in football.

“I was a better player full of skills and potential, the have the strength and all it takes to be a better player except that’s am black and born in Nigeria”

“I started playing football in my secondary school days, I was striker and the best of my kind in my school, my community and nearby communities”

“I was referred to as goal machine based on my performance on the football pitch, I score as many goal as I had the chance in the football career, I rarely play a match without netting a goal, I was a problem to every defense and a threat to almost all goalkeeper”

Making enquiries about Samuel John, he was regarded as the best player they have ever witnessed. He plays entertaining football with his skill, he dribbles a lot and breaks records of most goal keepers during his youth.

We featured in most school competition and have won lot of medals and cups for his secondary school. He was tagged as the messiah of his team during his secondary school days. He was in the senior team right from his admission to Junior secondary school.

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Samuel John continue his bitter story, “the first impression I created for myself was the first appearance I had in an inter school competition, I was used as a substitute and stay at the bench until second half, about 50 minutes”

“The striker had been badly injured and could no further continue in the match, then I was brought in. meanwhile we were by 3 goals to Nil and most hope had been lost already, we are playing with a stronger team that’s is regarded as the all-time champion”.

“a pass to made across to me and dribbled almost all the defender on my way and netted the first goal for my school team, it was a pleasant experience that I could never forget. Everyone was amazed, and shouting in disbelieve while they are rebuilding their hope”.

“Another pass came to me again somehow because I now becomes the only hope and savior of the team, I headed straight to the box, dri8bbling any one along my way. This time I made a pass to a team mate, he aims at the net but his shot was at the poles of the net and I was lucky enough to speed up the chase a re-bounce and booom, it was another goal”

“it was the first day I score an hatrick in a professional and official football game, I scored three and also made an assist for the winning the goal which eventually turns things around for myself and my school team”

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“ever since that match, I have always the preferred striker for any serious match, I keep showing reason why I am a classic player and everyone see and start believing in me. Sooner, schools and community begin paying me to play for them”
With all this experience and career how has Samuel john also known as the messiah has his career ended locally.

He was not even known beyond his community and close neighboring communities, he faulted his race for that as he narrates how his career ended without achievement.
“in the journey of my career I once came across people who were ready to help by taking me to international level. They had come up with a plan of taking me away and I have been away for on two different occasion but my race keeps sending me back”

“the first attempt had was a man who have spent money preparing for international career. It was in form of an agreement; he pays all the money but he will have them back when I started making money overseas”
“he took me France; we were asked to play a match where we are to be accessed. Despite the entertainment and my incomparable performances, I was left behind because am black, racism in football has done that.

They choose based on color and not performance”
“A coach clearly told me that I loved my performance and I was supposed tom win if there is any prize for the best performer but he can’t sign me because am black. He said I won’t be useful for his team and I might cause separation because of my race”

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“I came back to Nigeria and I continue my local champion rain, he took about 6 months for someone else to show interest in supporting my career to international level, we meet in a competition and he claimed to love my performance and hope I will be a great player on getting to overs”.

“he made videos of my field performance and as he said sent it to overs but he was surprised at the respond. They said we love and need that performance but hate the color. They wished I was white and I was rejected again, then I felt my race has killed my talent”

We don’t actually know if it’s actually the race that killed Samuel John career or his lack lucks? that’s bitter story shared by Samuel john. Thanks for reading and gives us your feedback.

You can always get back to us using the comment section and we do appreciate sharing Samuel john story.

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