Another achievement: Chelsea third kid rated as the best in EPL.

Chelsea officially unveil 3rd kit for 2021/22 season

Chelsea released their 3rd kit for the ongoing season on social media.

Here are a few images of the new vibrant kit:

Chelsea describe the reasoning behind the design of this kit: “Outerwear as a staple of London streetwear fashion became a theme of inspiration, injecting bold prints and colours such as those synonymous with Nike’s ACG brand, into a collection that truly speaks to the diverse cultural fabric of London and the Chelsea community.

“The green and black has long been associated with statement Nike outerwear pieces, the crimson adds vibrancy and that pop of colour is reflective of the club’s youthful energy.

“The ‘Pride of London’ logo is also present on the inside of the jersey, serving as a reminder of the club’s values and status in the capital.”

Well, we’re sold on the kit as it looks pretty colourful and of course, it looks brilliant when our players wear it!

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