Chelsea starboy Loftus-Cheek fires warning to Brentford ahead of weekend game as he name the sport he enjoy playing: It’s an activity away from football

It’s an activity away from football’: Loftus-Cheek reveals which other sport he enjoys playing

“I’ve always liked tennis,” Loftus-Cheek told Chelsea‘s official website.

“I enjoyed playing it at school along with cricket, and I’ve always watched tennis, but I didn’t play for years. Then I got back into it one summer. “Two years ago I had a few lessons and now my technique is good and I enjoy playing it. It is an activity away from football and when Wimbledon is on, I try to go as much as I

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“I find that upper body strength is not so important in tennis, it’s more about technique and how much racket speed you can get with your wrist to top spin the ball. “In terms of style of play, I am much more a baseline player than a serve-and-volley one. I am tall but serving is hard, especially directionally.

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“I am quite good at getting it in the service box but can’t place it where I want beyond that.”

Ruben Loftus-Cheek has enjoyed a mini-resurgence at Chelsea, firmly putting himself in the conversation for a starting

It’s good to see the 25-year-old also feel comfortable enough to be talking about his hobbies, a sign that he’s feeling more at ease with his role at the club.

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