Chelsea will be difficult to stop in Premier League: Manchester united legend Gary Neville send warning message to mancity, Liverpool and Manchester united to beware of Chelsea

Gary Neville claims ‘robotic’ Chelsea will be difficult to stop in Premier League

Chelsea have had an impressive start to the season and seem to be firing on all cylinders for the most part.

While the Blues weren’t at their best against Aston Villa, they still managed to get an ideal 3-0 result and United legend Gary Neville believes it proves that Chelsea will be hard to stop in the title race this season.

He told Sky Sports: “It was interesting because I’d expect Manchester United to beat Newcastle the way in which they did – with or without [Cristiano] Ronaldo.

“But then I went home from Salford to watch the Chelsea-Villa game and Villa played well, and Villa are a decent side, but Chelsea again, just like robotic, methodical.

“When they scored that first goal, Lukaku, I just thought, ‘Ooh, it’s ominous’. The striker scoring, guaranteed, the players in behind him, a good midfield. They’re going to be very difficult to stop.


“The talk will all be about Manchester – Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United – but Chelsea I think everyone knows they’re serious.

“We’ve watched them now two or three times this season, I watched them against Liverpool at Anfield and it was a real performance.

“They’re just a good team. Good at Arsenal, they’ve got Tottenham next week away from home, that will be interesting.”

If Chelsea can get a win against Tottenham and continue their top start, that will likely catapult their stock even higher than it already is.

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