If Chelsea win a trophy: Chelsea starlight vow to Makes hairstyles if Chelsea win a trophy

‘If Chelsea win a trophy’: Chalobah makes hairstyle promise
‘If Chelsea win a trophy’: Chalobah makes hairstyle promise

“I’ve had so many different hairstyles over the years – the half-blond, half-black as well as black with blond tips,” Trevoh Chalobah told Chelsea’s official website when asked about his different styles.

“I had orange hair for Lorient when I was on loan there.

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“I like being different, being myself and unique.

“If we win a trophy, maybe I’ll go all blue for my next change!

“I change things up a lot but it’s not for everyone.”

Chelsea are in running for all five trophies this season. The earliest title they could win is the Club World Cup which will take place in UAE in early 2022. So perhaps we could see Trev getting a new hair colour by that time!

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The Blues are first in the league table, have all but guaranteed qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League and are alive in the FA Cup and the League Cup

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