Liverpool head couch, klopp admit Chelsea deserves to win: the red card was unfair on James

Absolutely harsh, spoiled the game’: Klopp feels James red card unfair

“I never liked that punishment,” Jurgen Klopp said about Reece James getting sent off, as quoted by Liverpool‘s official website.

“If somebody ever listened to me about rule changes or rules then a lot of things would look completely different, but they still look like they look so it’s really a waste of time to talk about it!

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“Yes, it was absolutely harsh. Spoiled the game? Yes, probably. It changed everything.

“I liked our first half, we were really good, we caused Chelsea real problems. We caused them problems in the second half as well, but it was an incredibly intense game from Chelsea.

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“They did well and that’s why they deserved a point, obviously, but I would have loved to have seen the game in an 11 v 11 situation to take a look who comes through better.”

Chelsea suffered the double punishment of a penalty and a red card, even though Reece James’ handball was accidental.

Luckily, the Blues held off Liverpool to a draw as the Reds failed to use their one-man advantage.

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