Marcos Alonso disclosed the reason why there’s unity in Chelsea squad

Cech plays too!’: Marcos Alonso reveals non-football activity that’s promoting squad unity

One thing that has been obvious since the arrival of Thomas Tuchel is that the entire Chelsea staff and squad are more together than ever.

A fun new activity that everyone seems to be picking up according to Marcos Alonso is padel tennis, or that’s what he told

The player said: “Some of the players are starting to play!

“Padel tennis is becoming quite a big thing worldwide, but we used to play in Spain long ago. I remember playing with my friends when I was younger in the off season.

“The main difference between padel and tennis is the walls. With padel you have the first chance to hit it, and if you miss it you have another chance off the wall. It makes it easier, more physical and in my opinion more fun to play than tennis!

“In Spain there are many courts, not like in England, although they are starting to pop up here, and we are creating a group at Chelsea. The other Spaniards play, the Germans are starting to play as well. Tim, one of the fitness coaches, is a massive fan, and Petr Cech likes to play as well.

“It’s good fun to get together away from football, and it’s great for the atmosphere in the changing room.”

This positivity will play a huge part in ensuring success for Chelsea this season and it’s wonderful to see the contributions individual players make to the squad.

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