See all Tammy Abraham said about Chelsea victory over Palace and how fans reacted

See all Tammy Abraham said about Chelsea victory over Palace and how fans reacted

Tammy Abraham who come off the bench at Selhurst pack to give Chelsea the third goal in the match against Crystal Palace which secured a 3 point for Chelsea was very pleased and proud of the outcome of the match which ended Chelsea 3 and Palace 2.

The players stated that he had known the match will be a tough game for the blues because they had play them in Stanmford Bridge at the beginning of the season,

he claimed to give credit to Chelsea squad who dug deep and defended their lives
He said “we knew we had to win.

The result against West Ham put us in a downer and the last game we played well. This game we knew we needed the whole three points and that’s why you could see bodies flying on the line to stop the goal and to score”

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“We had to dig deep, the last 10 minutes was probably the most we’ve been attacked and we had to stay patient, we made some great saves, some great block in the last minutes and that’s what it’s all about”

He complimented Kepa for a particular save that caught his eyes where Kepa got a fingertip to a Christian Benteke header to turn in into the post in injury time, although Abraham didn’t have a clear view of the action as he explained thus”
“From my view it looked it was in, I wanst sure if Kepa saved it but all credits to him. Sometimes we need luck, the luck’s been going against us this whole season, so it’s time we had some.”

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The striker was so glad that he scored in the game and his remain hopeful of getting more three points with Chelsea he also praised Olivier Giroud for his early goal, he said Giroud has been phenomenal for the entire squad and they are proud of his performance.

How Fans Reaction

The striker was glad to share his opinion and express how pleased he is but to some Chelsea fans out there, Tammy Abraham seems to be getting on their nerves with his performance.

A fans tweeted in disbelieve that Abraham could say this and advised him to “shut up” and focus on improving his game, he said the striker could have caused Chelsea the game yesterday.

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Another unpleased fan said “tammy walks around the pitch, can’t start him, he could be so talented but lazy” in his tweet.

Another tweeted “you lost possession tammy in the lead up to them hitting the post in the final minute. Another complimented his effort and advised him to improve soonest.

The big question is :

Could Tammy Abraham have performed better last night?. share what you feel about it the comment sections

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