Sell him now: Chelsea fans react to pulisic injuries

Chelsea fans called for pulisic to be sold and replace by sane after another injury outbreak

Fouled more than Hazard on worst day’, ‘don’t trust him to carry us’: CFC fans discuss another Pulisic injury
10 September 2021, 09:25, Michael Ellis
Christian Pulisic has picked up yet another injury while on international duty.

According to USMNT manager Gregg Berhalter, the Chelsea forward suffered ‘a slight ankle injury’ during the World Cup qualifier against Honduras.

Pulisic has had a fair share of injuries and other setbacks throughout his Chelsea career, and some fans can’t help being concerned for his future at Stamford Bridge.

rizorith: “Watched the match. He was fouled more than even Hazard on his worst day. Ref was a joke. After the victory, I saw him run to the team so it can’t be that bad.”

mellvins059: “If Pulisic came off for a non-contact hamstring injury that would good evidence of him being injury-prone. Him getting absolutely slaughtered in this nasty tackle has no bearing on how injury prone he is.”

bilgediver: “As much as Christian gets hacked to death in Concacaf, some of it is his own fault. He dribbled directly into traffic multiple times (the last time was when he was injured). He needs to learn to release the ball quicker and find an open man. Christian is an insanely good dribbler, but you can’t dribble directly into 3 players and expect to win every time.”

MajornXXVI: “He has been awesome for us but at the moment I don’t trust him to carry us the way he did after Eden left. Right now I want to see CHO get a chance ahead of him.”

@phabio_1: “I really like Pulisic but if he continues getting injuries then I think he should be sold tbh. Rather sell him and keep CHO.”

@allthingschels1: “Pulisic’s still very young. Don’t write him off, he’s quality. A few injuries don’t define a player.”

@isoncfc: “Really hope we’re not in for another injury-ridden Pulisic season. Every time he’s been out like this it’s taken him well over a month, if not longer, to return to his previous form. If this carries on I’m not sure what the solution is…”

@USACFC_: “Pulisic injured. The injury-prone takes, the hate, the ‘sell him’ takes are going to be unbearable. What a shame because he was playing incredible this half. I do think he went charging in too hard. He’s too reckless sometimes. Hopefully, it’s just a knock and he’s fine soon.”

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