“Sex addiction took away my worth”, Football legend share his football journey experiences.

“Sex addiction took away my worth”, Football legend share his football journey experiences.

“while I was in Europe, I enjoyed sleeping with white European ladies, due to my sex addiction, I have once slept with three (3) white girls a day calling it fun but I was killing my strength, my career and my wealth become the price”.

A Football legend has shared his story of how sex addiction caused him his career and wealth, he enjoyed sleeping with European girls until his career and his wealth became the price for this acts, his wealth was all gone.

Mr. Shuab Malik was a native from Ilorin in Kwara state, he had been playing football for decades, he has been a successful footballer and a legend, he travelled and play in Europe for years but end up coming to become a local legend after losing his wealth due to his sex addiction.

The better story which is a lesson to other explain how malik was busy using his hard money in lodging European girls and how one of his sex partner successfully set him up and made of victim of law.

The law backed her to take away his wealth. He narrated thus:

“I was really a good player, I played football in kwara state and also in Lagos state, I started playing football at my tender age and I was really talented. I play in school competitions, local government competitions and even interstate football competition.”

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“I was fortunate to meet a man in Lagos during a football match somewhere in Surulere, he was impressed by my performance and promise to help me play in international level which I was glad because that’s the hope of every footballer.”

“I am a striker and am used to wearing jersey number ten (10), the watch was hectic but I manage to secure a lead for my team with 3 goals to 2. I scored the three goal in the second half while our opponent was having first half win”

“As promised, it took some month but eventually I travelled with the man to Europe following lots of efforts and trials. We were on agreement; I stay with him while he does all the works but I will be receiving part of my payment until his money is completed”.

“Our plan was successful because I was signed two weeks later by a local club on 10 years contract with a weekly payment of £20,000 which is to be shared in 40%/60% between me and my Nigerian agent. He takes 40% and I take 60% for good five years when am declared free by him”

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“I spent rest of my money on flirting, sleeping with European ladies and enjoyed drinking beer which is not medically ideal for my profession. I began to weight while my physical strength kept reducing but I kept on having fun”

The negative impact

“Sooner, I lost form and now had to sit on the bunch until die minute to end the match, I was performing well and had won player of the month on multiple occasion.

I was considered best for the first five years of my career in Europe form thereafter”

“I was treated poorly maybe due to my form in the concluding 4 years of my contract and was considered no worthy of another deal.

At that point I noticed my career as a footballer has begun to quiver and my future in Europe becomes unpredictable”

“I decided at this point to bring myself together and quit my immoral habits but it was a road to my total condemnation, I decide to stay off my European prostitutes and girlfriends so I can have time for myself.

I had little savings and was training so hard to pick form again”
“No later than three weeks I receive a letter and an arrest warrant; it was from the court.

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A girl has file a case of rape against me and claim I made her pregnant by forcefully sleeping with her. She lied against me, I had never done such before, I normally pay them off immediately.”

“I was arrested and detained, she claimed almost all my money and valuable assets; she was backed up by the law of her land and I was sentenced to jail for 5 years after wish I was deported back to Nigeria without a dine, she has ruined me.”

Malik according to his bitter experience was sent back home to continue his football career where he had left it.

He lost it all, his international career and his ten (10) years weekly payment was all gone. He lamed his reckless life style for the lost and faulted his sex addiction.

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