Strange to hear: USA coach blast tuchel over pulisic claim

‘Strange to hear that from Tuchel, we use common sense’: USA coach reveals plan for Pulisic recovery

Thomas Tuchel warned the USA national team to no overwork Christian Pulisic, who has struggled with injuries for most of the season.

And now coach Gregg Berhalter has opened up on the situation in detail.

“It was kind of strange to hear that come from Tuchel because we use common sense,” Berhalter said, as per Goal.

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“Christian was back training for three days before these games, before the game that he played the first time in Malmo and then it was a midweek game, and I think he got another maybe day of training before the next game against Burnley.

“So he’s been training for four days, and common sense is going to tell us you can’t start a guy in a game like this when he’s only been training for four days and has been out for so long.

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“I understand Tuchel’s concern. Our idea wasn’t to play him 180 minutes in this trip anyway. He’s not going to start tomorrow.

“Hopefully he’ll get some playing time, we’ll put him on the field and he can make an impact and help us get the result that we want.”

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The USA play Mexico on Friday night with Pulisic set to start the game on the bench

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