Just in: The Chelsea player who plays a role in Lukaku’s return to Chelsea has been revealed

Romelu’s a completely different player now. He has learned from bad experiences and has gained maturity over the years,” Cesar Azpilicueta told the Sun of Chelsea’s latest signing.

“When he was at Chelsea the first time you have to take into consideration that it was a very strong group of characters and he was very young, so it wasn’t easy for him.

“But right from the beginning we had a great relationship and even though he left Chelsea many years ago, we have  always been in contact – when he was at Everton, when he was with Manchester United and in Italy.

“He has had to work his way to the top with a few loans to other teams, a couple of moves in the Premier League and then a transfer to Italy to prove his worth.

“He has always shown his personality and character, willing to improve his game and trying to help his team.

“He has learned which areas of the pitch to play in to make him more dangerous – and he’s become more confident with age

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