Thomas tuchel shares his Touching story : story of how Tuchel changed his housemaid’s life with 2 amazing acts of kindess :

A man with class: story of how Tuchel changed his housemaid’s life with 2 amazing acts of kindess

Thomas Tuchel is loved by all Chelsea fans due to his tactical prowess and how good a coach he is.

However, the man is class both on and off the field – this story from Nicolas Hortus of Canal Sports will be sure to fill you with more respect for the coach.

Translated from French, Hortus tells the tale of Tuchel’s big heart and classy gesture: “Installed quickly after arriving in France in a beautiful house in 1992, the Tuchel family hired a housekeeper of Filipino origin.

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“This lady works a lot for the German family, does not count her hours Logically enough, a link is created over time and Thomas Tuchel and his wife learn with amazement that if this woman works the whole day to finance a heavy operation on the heart of one of her children.

“Without even asking the slightest question, Thomas unsheathes his pen and signs a check to cover all medical expenses. A noble gesture that does not stop there!

“While the child of the lady recovers and can consider the rest of his life with optimism, Thomas feels his place more and more threatened on the Parisian bench [he knew he would be sacked by PSG soon].

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“Among their last discussions, Thomas and his cleaning lady evoke their dreams. Tuchel is living his dream of being a manager – the lady dreams of one day being able to return to the Philippines and have a house there.

“A house where she would end her old age with her family which she left behind to earn a living. TT went to England, but before he left he thought about giving his now-former housekeeper a set of keys.

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“She is now the proud owner of a sumptuous villa in the Philippines, thanks to Tuchel.”

Well, what else can we say but be proud of the manager for this selfless, amazing gesture? What a man

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